SBC5 – Culture and Family

My dads parents, and my parents, were born in Faial and Terceda which are two of the Azores islands near Portugal. They both moved to California and had to learn how to speak English. My dad was born in San Leandro, California. He lived there all of his life until he got married to my mom. They first met each other in seventh grade and became high school sweethearts. Once they got married they moved out to a house in Discovery Bay, California. But before they had me, they moved into a different house in Discovery Bay which is still the house I live in today. My moms parents have lived in California there whole lives and my mom was born in  San Leandro, California aswell. However, my moms family and my dads family became really close after high school which was when both of their parents moved in to Brentwood, CA in the same court right across from each other.

A family tradition that my immediate family has is going to a campground and lake called Pinecrest. For the past five or six years we have been going there with some family friends and we also have traditions that we do there too.  We usually stay there for five days and four nights and each night a family comes up with a theme for dinner, and we bring decorations for the tables with food(s) that goes with the theme for that night. The next thing we do there is go down to the lake and play on the beach, but there is also a snack shack right next to it. There we always get a frosty (or soft serve that is usually vanilla) and a bag of french fries that we dip into the ice cream. It sounds disgusting but it is so good. Another thing we always do there is go to the amphitheater. If you don’t know what that is, it is an outdoor movie theater. So we pick a movie to go see and get blankets and pillows to bring that night. But here’s the catch. It gets super packed really quickly so we usually go on a hike around the lake and then on the way back we stop at the theater and lay down towels on the bench to reserve spots. When we go on the hike the younger kids and moms stay and play at the beach while the dads and older kids go on the hike which usually takes about two hours to do. The last main tradition we do there is rent a party boat and go to the same spot across the lake and barbecue, fish and swim at all day long.





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  1. G’day Adrianna,
    What a great idea for a theme for dinner each night at the lake. Which theme have you enjoyed the most over the years?

    1. My most favorite theme would have to be the Hawaiian theme with teriyaki chicken and other things like that.

  2. Mrs. Wohlafka says: Reply

    Hi, Adrianna!
    I was born in Norway and moved to New York when I was 18 months old. I learned English mostly from watching television.
    Do you speak Portuguese?

    1. Wow that’s crazy! I can’t really speak Portuguese fluently, but I can speak a few words and understand a little bit.

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