WP10 – DIY Makeup Repair

https://pixabay.com/en/cosmetics-brush-compact-makeup-166774/ This week I will be writing about how to fix your shattered makeup compact. This DIY is mainly for girls but boys, if you accidentally break your sister or your mom’s compact this is definitely a way to fix it. Materials you will need: used gift card vaseline, aquaphor, or coconut oil(if you would […]

WP9 – Soccer Season

https://pixabay.com/en/photos/playing%20soccer/ I recently finished up my middle school soccer season. It was really fun! I scored 4 goals all season and had 1 assist. Our entire team record was 5-3-2. This basically means that we won five games, tied three games, and lost two games. We played against an undefeated team for the first time […]

Count Out Three

  Thunyama’s blog has really cool posts like making a butterfly pea drink and giving some tips and tricks using acrylic and watercolor paint! I chose to look at the post about watercolor and acrylic paint because I love arts and crafts. Maddy’s blog has fairly random posts but they’re really interesting like the one talking about […]

SBC7 – Activity 9

https://www.theexpogroup.com/en/   There are both advantages and disadvantages to being able to connect and communicate more easily. Today I will be telling you three pros about this topic and three cons about this topic. One positive thing about being able to communicate easier with phones, computers, etc.. is that if there is an emergency that […]

SBC7 – Footprints

I has watched two videos about digital footprint or dossier. The videos were similar because they both included information about how your digital footprint is seen and they both show that they are meaning a digital footprint. Not a footprint that you leave when you step in sand for example. They were different because one […]

SBC5 – Culture and Family

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Horta_-_Faial_Island_-_Azores_-_Portugal.JPG My dads parents, and my parents, were born in Faial and Terceda which are two of the Azores islands near Portugal. They both moved to California and had to learn how to speak English. My dad was born in San Leandro, California. He lived there all of his life until he got married to […]